One-time fees

Membership type Amount
Normal membership 20€
Old member (already graduated) 0€

Yearly fees

Membership type Amount
Normal membership 0€
Old member (already graduated) 0€

Old members

Once 7 years have passed after a student has joined Lateksii ry, the normal membership is terminated by the guild board. If a student wishes to continue as a member of the guild this can be done by applying as an old member of the guild. Old members are practically members of the guild but they do not have voting rights. One does not automatically end up as an old member after the 7-year membership passes. This requires a separate application by sending a message to the guild's treasurer: Becoming an old member is free.

In case of studies resuming after 7 years, it is also possible to resume normal membership. This is also done by contacting the guild's treasurer, who will review the application with the board.


You can join the guild by paying one-off fee of 20€.

Memberships grants you the following benefits:

  • Access to the guild room and it's services
  • Student overalls (Haalarit)

All our fees can be seen below. Already graduated students can join the guild as old members.

Please include the following details in the payment message:

  • Your full name, including all middle names
  • Current city of residence

These details are required by Finnish law on registered organizations, and so that we can connect the payment to the correct person.

If you accidentally paid without including your details please contact our treasurer Toni Koskinen (

Amount: 20€
Payee: Lateksii ry.
IBAN: FI63 4108 0011 0303 79

For example: LM Jane Doe Lappeenranta