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We are always looking for new companies to support our cause. Sitz and events organized by our guild are a great way to advertise your company. We are also selling ad slots on our student overalls. Please contact our corporate relations manager for more details:

Banking details

Payee: Lateksii ry.
IBAN: FI63 4108 0011 0303 79

Business ID: 3078293-9

Instructions for billing: Billing information

Expense reimbursements

Here you can find the expense reimbursement form to be filled: Expense reimbursement

Send the filled form and any receipts or other proofs of purchase to our treasurer at

Warrant of power at the general assembly

Warrant of power to be filled for the general assembly can be found here: Warrant of power

If a member of the guild is inhibited attending the guild's general assembly, they can fill the above warrant of power and allow another guild member to use their right to vote in the general assembly. The person named in the warrant of power will deliver the document to the general assembly. One person can have at most five (5) warrants of power assigned to them.

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Free form messages for the board

Taru Haimi, President

Anton Helminen, Treasurer

Veeti Rajaniemi, Communications manager

Veikka Immonen, Protector of Student Interests

Joona Lappalainen, Business Relations Manager

Emma Tahvanainen, Project Manager

Leevi Kämäräinen, Harassment Contact Person

Samuli Kantola, International Relations Manager

Leevi Kämäräinen & Atte Lihtamo & Joona Ylijoki & Anton Helminen, Webmasters

Otto Salmela & Amanda Seppinen & Julia Eliander, Guild Room Managers

Amanda Valtanen & Tuomas Huilla, Hosts

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